ALP FLIGHT CASES N-CASE1 400x350x45+23

ALP FLIGHT CASES N-CASE1 400x350x45+23
REF: NC1403568

5mm Birch Plywood
PVC Finishing
4x NCase1 Plastic Corner 30mm
4x NCase1 Plastic Corner 45mm
2x Block Catch without key
2x Lid Stay With Hinge
1x Chrome Plated Plastic With Soft Black Plastic Insert 

Overall Dim. (mm) 400x350x45mm

    Why choose us?

    We make flightcases to be the best value on the market, heavy duty latches for longer life and stronger hold, heavy duty aluminium edging makes the construction ultra strong, rubber castors with a high load rating and optional internal foam.

    Bespoke Flight Cases

    Manufactured in Portugal